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Redwoods are a Western-Sydney based band formed in late 2011. Playing across a range of styles, from quick rock to slower melodic soundscapes, we try to write songs that capture the realities of life, the conundrum of grace, the challenges of the pursuit of the perfect in an imperfect world, and people who row boats off the edge of the world.

Redwoods is made up of:

Tristan Edwards- Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Reuben Rose- Piano and Electric Guitar
Martin Dillich- Lead Electric Guitar
Michael Roberts- Bass
Patrick Beckett- Drums and Programming.

We released our debut EP, Hoping For Jupiter, in May 2012. The album was recorded in Reuben's garage, Tristan's garage, Martin's bedroom, and a Cityrail train (no, really), and was mixed and produced by Patrick Beckett. It is able to be played by visiting the "Listen" tab above.

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